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What to Know About Drainage Within Your Parking Lot
What to Know About Drainage Within Your Parking Lot
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What to Know About Drainage Within Your Parking Lot

December 19, 2018

Water is the most dangerous natural element that your parking lot faces. Not only can standing water be a risk to drivers and pedestrians, but also has significant impact on the longevity and aesthetics of your lot. These issues can directly impact the performance of a business, as these risks apply to customers, employees, tenants or anyone that may travel through your property.

The most common concern with standing water is the puddling it causes year-round. This potential problem goes beyond surface level. When water does not drain properly, it can seep through down to the sub-grade and soil foundation and begin to deteriorate your parking lot by weakening the strength of the asphalt. This can cause anything from cracking, raveling and rutting to potholes, and even sinkholes. As a business owner, it is important to routinely monitor your parking lot as the damage caused from water usually occurs in a gradual manner and you may not see the damage before it is too late.

To prevent these issues from happening, your parking lot contractor should implement high and low points on your surface to create slope. These slopes, or grades, allow water to run to its intended drainage point(s) which could include catch basins, curb and gutter, grass areas, etc. The minimum recommended slope for proper drainage is 1%, but experts recommend a slope between 2% and 5% for ideal drainage flow.


Before Parking Lot Drainage Fixed by Advanced Asphalt Paving


After Parking Lot Drainage Repairs made by Advanced Asphalt Paving

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