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Welcome to Our New Blog! | Advanced Asphalt Paving Cleveland
Welcome to Our New Blog! | Advanced Asphalt Paving Cleveland
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Welcome to Our New Blog!

June 7, 2016

We at Advanced Asphalt Paving, Inc, located in Cleveland, Ohio, are your commercial paving contractors for all of your asphalt paving needs. We take pride in providing new paving, as well as patchwork, resurfacing and reconstruction for those in and near the Cleveland area. We also offer other services, such as paving bike and golf paths, repair and replacement of drainage tiles and catch basins, installing perforated pipes and repair and replacement of trench drains. We would like to welcome you to our new blog, and in honor of this occasion, we would like to offer you some winter care tips to help you maintain your asphalt into the New Year.


Fall is well underway, and winter is right on its tail. Taking preventative measures now, before it inevitably arrives, is important. Untreated cracks are susceptible to damage, as melting and freezing water from snow expands and contracts within them. This can result in some rather unsightly, not to mention dangerous, potholes come springtime. Hiring a commercial paving contractor to patch and seal visible cracks is imperative to the life of your lot. Contractors can also find less noticeable damage, which will help prevent unexpected surprises after the thaw.


Certain de-icing agents can do significant damage to your asphalt lot. Abrasive agents are the biggest offenders. Sand can lead to stress fractures. Rock salt can also penetrate the porous surface of asphalt and cause damage. In order to prevent any damage, and keep your lot ice free (which will keep you, your tenants or your customers safe from sliding or from falling while walking), it is recommended that you use a soft ice melt.


When the snow does fall, you’re going to need to clear it out somehow. The only ways to effectively do this are by the use of a shovel or a snow plow. If you don’t take care, however, either of these tools can cause damage, scraping off the top layer of asphalt or causing chips. If you plan on shoveling by hand, choose a shovel with a plastic edge. If you are going to hire a professional to plow the lot, inquire if the blade has a polyurethane edge. If not, make sure that the drive raises the plow about a half an inch above the ground to avoid scraping the surface of the lot. It would also be helpful to place markers near curbs, which will help avoid the plow from digging into them.

If your asphalt parking lot requires maintenance before winter arrives, contact Advanced Asphalt Paving, Inc. We can help you to ensure that your parking lot stays safe throughout the cold temperatures and the snow, allowing it to stay in good shape in the coming New Year!

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