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Should You Resurface or Replace Your Parking Lot?
Should You Resurface or Replace Your Parking Lot?
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Should You Resurface or Replace Your Parking Lot?

October 18, 2016

An asphalt parking lot is a big investment. For this reason, it’s understandable that property owners would be hesitant to want to completely replace a cracked or worn parking lot, leaving cracks to grow and weak spots to deteriorate. You might think that patching is a suitable solution, but in truth, while it saves money, patching could lead to problems later on. The best solutions for damaged parking lots are to either resurface or replace. Advanced Asphalt Paving in Cleveland can help, no matter what your needs. Here are a few factors that play into the decision on which is the right choice for you. 


The average age of a newly installed parking lot, done by proper Cleveland asphalt contractors, is anywhere from 20 to 30 years, however, the actual length of time a parking lot should last is determined by a few different factors. The weather, freezing and thawing and the number of heavy vehicles that pass over the parking lot, all play a big role in the wear on asphalt. Resurfacing can add up to an additional 15 years on the life of an existing lot, but materials can start to fail if it's approaching the upper limits of its lifespan. This means that even if you resurface, the existing pavement might not be strong enough to support a new layer, and therefore lead to issues. The right asphalt contractors in Cleveland can completely restructure your parking lot, fixing both the base layer as well as the surface. 

Base Condition 

Asphalt can become weak over time, leading to a lot of wear and tear. But just because there are cracks and standing water, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to do a full replacement. If the base of the parking lot is in good condition, resurfacing can be a good option, greatly increasing your curb appeal. After all, a fresh layer of asphalt looks much nicer than a bunch of patchwork. 

Work Before Resurfacing 

Resurfacing is not as easy as pouring a new layer of asphalt over your existing parking lot. Before your parking lot can be resurfaced, some work needs to be done. Any damages that are present in the old asphalt – cracks, weak spots and holes – all need to be repaired. Even small, seemingly insignificant, cracks should be addressed. If left untreated, all damages are likely to show through the new layer of asphalt. 

Whether you’ve decided to resurface or completely repave your parking lot, contact Advanced Asphalt Paving. Having trouble deciding which option is best for you? Our Cleveland asphalt contractors can give you a comprehensive evaluation and help you make the best choice for you.

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