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Sealcoating vs. Resurfacing vs. Remove & Replace | Asphalt Paving
Sealcoating vs. Resurfacing vs. Remove & Replace | Asphalt Paving
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Sealcoating vs. Resurfacing vs. Remove & Replace

September 24, 2018

Eventually, your asphalt parking lot will need some form of maintenance, repair or reconstruction. Many factors determine the project, with the most common usually being the existing condition of the asphalt and the owner or property manager’s budget. There is a wide range in the scope of work that these projects cover, but first you want to understand the different types of procedures. 

The three most common projects are Sealcoating, Resurfacing, and Repaving, also known as Remove and Replace.


Remove and Replace consists of complete removal of existing asphalt and replacing with new, including installation of the base and surface courses. When your sub-base has failed, an overlay will only provide a short term fix. A Remove and Replace (R&R) is the proper course of action where the base can be stabilized before applying a new surface course. The base course is what provides support for your parking lot and includes larger stones, while the surface course has a finer grade of stone, but provides the smooth and tightly compacted surface. A Remove and Replace does have the highest initial cost, but it is often the best long-term investment. Repaving will also mitigate the routine need for patching and crackfilling.


Asphalt resurfacing, also known as an overlay, is the installation of a new layer of asphalt over the existing pavement surface. In general, this surface course asphalt is applied at a depth of 1.5”-2.0”. As part of the resurfacing process, transitions, or header cuts, are created to allow new asphalt to smoothly meet the existing asphalt. Next, a leveling course, usually 0.5”, is applied to mitigate reflective cracking and stabilize the existing surface prior to applying surface course. This step is often skipped by contractors, but is one of the most vital in providing stability and longevity to your parking lot. While resurfacing is a good option if the Remove & Replace option doesn't fit your budget, it should only be considered if the sub base is in good condition. Advanced Asphalt Paving, Inc. can help you decide if this option will work for your project.


Sealcoating is the application of a liquid-based emulsion that provides an additional layer of protection to help block out various deteriorating elements to the asphalt surface, including: water, salt, oils and automotive fluids, UV rays from the sun and other harmful chemicals. Sealcoating is easy to maintain as it fills in surface voids while providing a smooth coating to the pavement surface. Aesthetically, a newly sealed parking lot will make your lot look new while also projecting a positive appearance of your business/property. Lastly, sealcoating is the most cost-effective option when compared with resurfacing or repaving for extending the life of your pavement.

Advanced Asphalt Paving, Inc. can help evaluate your parking lot and provide an expert recommendation on the best courses of action. Contact Us today regarding your project!


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