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Project Knowledge Is Key | Advanced Asphalt Paving in Cleveland
Project Knowledge Is Key | Advanced Asphalt Paving in Cleveland
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Project Knowledge Is Key

February 9, 2017

In Cleveland, commercial asphalt paving is seasonal, generally from April through December, based on weather conditions and asphalt material availability. However, planning your parking lot paving and repairs can be done anytime during the year. Researching a reputable asphalt paving contractor now, can help save you time and avoid problems later on. Pavement evaluations and estimates can be discussed and budgeted for this season or even the next. We understand that budgets may dictate your ability to solve your asphalt pavement problems completely, but don't let that stop you from contacting a qualified asphalt contractor now. A reputable asphalt paving contractor should be able to provide you with options to reduce liabilities on your property. Safety concerns for patrons, cars and pedestrians alike, is an important reason to have your parking lot asphalt looked at by a professional.

Knowledge is the key; having the pavement looked at for existing conditions, immediate concerns, projected longevity of the asphalt pavement will help save you time and money in the long run. Even a small budget can help increase the life cycle of your asphalt pavement if the proper maintenance procedures are put in place.

Once you have your parking lot evaluated and you're ready to make a decision, it is time to consider what is involved. Is this the proper scope of work to achieve your desired results? When is a good time to start your specific project? How long does the asphalt contractor need? How soon can the asphalt contractor be available? Did I pick a qualified asphalt paving contractor? These are important questions to ask yourself, and make sure the answers are specific to your project.

We at Advanced Asphalt Paving Inc. have been providing professional asphalt services in the Cleveland area for 25 years. You can expect personalized service with professional results. Call us at 833-PAVE-CLE for a FREE pavement evaluation and estimate. Below is a good starting point to help in approaching your project:

Tips for Choosing the Right Asphalt Paving Contractor

How to Choose the Right Paving Contractor
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