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Did You Call an Expert or an Estimator? | Advanced Asphalt Paving
Did You Call an Expert or an Estimator? | Advanced Asphalt Paving
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Did You Call an Expert or an Estimator?

April 27, 2017

We get estimates for many things, including driveways and parking lots. Does the person you're meeting with really know how to solve your problems or be cost effective on your project? With the many variables involved in asphalt paving and maintenance, it should be essential that your Estimator has had field experience to provide a qualified quote. I know there are paving companies with “salesmen” who meet with the customer, talk a bit, take a picture and measurement; then go back to the office and ask the paving foreman how to fix your problem(s). Is this the company you want to evaluate your pavement, or offer their “solution” to your paving or pavement maintenance needs? I would strongly suggest you reconsider!

Many successful asphalt paving company owners did exactly the same; including our owner of Advanced Asphalt Paving. Most started in the field holding a shovel then learned how to use it. Yes, there is a right way to shovel asphalt. They worked their way up to roller man or paver operator. Checking the site before they paved, gave them the insight for soft spots or weak conditions and checking grades to make sure water was going to the basins. They were taught to see problems before they were covered up. This is knowledge only achieved from years of field experience. In fact, the entire estimating staff at Advanced Asphalt Paving started on the job site.

When we meet with a customer to discuss the parking lot, we talk to you about current pavement issues, past history, and expectations for the future of the property. And when the meeting is over, the customer should feel confident that this is the person and Company I want to work on my parking lot. You see, when you have the experience and knowledge to be an expert estimator, you don't have to “sell” the proposal. You naturally educate the customer having them understanding the issues, and proposing the correct solution(s) to the problem. Field experience makes all the difference. Get to know your contractor by asking questions and get the background information you need to make the right choice.

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